This Site is dedicated to the medicinal herbs used by Maria Treben , the reknowned Austrian herbalist , in her healing works .

Diseases of the KIDNEYS


In this case, 4 cups a day are sipped of the following herb tea which the Swiss herbalist Abbe Kuenzle recommends for cirrhosis of the kidneys: Golden Rod, Bedstraw and Yellow Dead Nettle in equal proportions. To 3 cups of this tea 1 teaspoon of Swedish Bitters is added.

 Horsetail sitz baths, lasting 20 minutes, are taken. 100 gm. of herbs per bath, are cold -soaked overnight, heated in the morning, strained and the liquid added to the bath water. Then the bath water is poured back over the herbs, so that 3 sitz baths can be made from the one lot of herbs. Warm Horsetail poultices are applied overnight and Swedish Bitters as compresses is applied to the kidney region for 4 hours during the day.

Located in: Malignant Diseases
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