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                                   20 gm. Wormwood                          30 gm. Stinging Nettle
                                   20 gm. Speedwell                            30 gm.Eldershoots
                                   15 gm. St. John’s Wort                     30 gm. Calendula
                                   25 gm. Bedstraw                              30 gm. Greater Celandine
                                   15  gm. Dandelion roots                     25 gm. Goat’s Beard
                                   25 gm. Yarrow


                   1 heaped teaspoon of this herb mixture per cup of water is used. During the day at least 2
                   litres are sipped. It is important to use all or at least some of these herbs in their fresh state.
                   Since in most cases of leukaemia the cause is found in the spleen, 6 sips of Calamus root
 have to be taken, too — 1 level teaspoon of Calamus  roots  is soaked  overnight, 
                   warmed  and  strained  the  next morning.

A sip is taken before and after each meal. 3 teaspoons (up to 3 tablespoonfuls can be given) of Swedish Bitters are diluted with 3 cups of herb tea and a part of it is drunk half an hour before and after each meal. Swedish Bitters as a compress is applied to the region of the liver and spleen for 4 hours and warm Horsetail poultices are recommended (see appropriate sections under the heading “General Information”). All acid fruit and juices, such as orange, lemon, grapefruit as well as salty and spicy food, sausages, fat meat should be avoided. Any amount of stewed apples can be eaten.

 At the beginning of November 1978, a desperate couple came with their 6 year old son to see me: Peter W. from West Germany had leukaemia in its advanced stages. It had started in May 1978 with fever and pain in the legs. Because his condition did not improve, Peter was admitted to a hospital in Mannheim in July 1978. After an eleven weeks’ stay he was discharged, but his condition had not improved. The first time I saw Peter, he had lost his hair, had dark shadows under his eyes, no appetite, was pale and tired and it could be clearly seen that he was very sick. After he had taken the first Thyme bath (see chapter on Thyme “directions”) prepared by his parents according to my recommendation, he became more lively. He took a sip of the herb tea previously mentioned every quarter of an hour and although still very young, he watched the clock to be on time. He adhered to the prescribed diet. At the end of November 1978, his parents took him back to hospital for a blood test. The doc- tor was puzzled as his blood count was much better. During December his hair started to grow back thickly. His parents took him for a blood test again. The result: better than normal. The doctor did not know how to classify the unbelievable. In April 1979, Peter, a completely healthy boy, came with his parents to Traunstein, Bavaria, where I gave a lecture. About 1800 people attended and the applause this boy received after I had introduced him and told his story, was thunderous. At the end of October 1979, he and his parents came to Pforzheim, Germany, to my lecture there which was attended by 2200 people. Here, too, I introduced the healthy boy. Peter, as he told me in his letter at Christmas 1979, still drinks the herb tea and from time to time his mother applies Swedish Bitters as a compress to his spleen and neck as well as Marjoram oil (the glands in the neck had been affected, too). On a piece of paper he drew in colour a Calendula, Stinging Nettle and Yarrow and wrote underneath “My saviours”! From time to time his parents still take him for a blood test, although Peter now is a healthy boy.

 I find the medical check-ups extremely important! I also approve of the continued drinking of herb teas and the application of compresses. It shields a person from a relapse.

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