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Interestingly more women than men have gall stones. Nausea, vomiting and agonizing pain which shoots up and across the right rib cage towards the heart are the symptoms. Since there are so many remedies available in God’s Pharmacy, it does not always have to end in an operation.

A 6-week course treatment with Radish juice has helped every time, unless the stones are of the rare kinds that do not dissolve. In this case an operation is necessary. Radishes are put in the juice extractor. To start with, 100 gm. are used and this is increased gradually to 400 gm. in 3 weeks and decreased gradually to 100 gm. in the following 3 weeks. Radish juice should not be taken if the lining of the stomach or the intestines are inflamed. How quickly gall stones are dissolved is illustrated by the following story: The wife of a retired general had her gall stones removed by an operation. She had kept the stones, varying in size and for fun had them mounted in the handle of a knife. One day while peeling radishes visitors arrived and she put the knife into the bowl with the radishes. When she returned after a time, the gall stones in the handle of the knife were dissolved in the radish pulp.


                        A herbal mixture of 20 gm. each of Lesser Burnet, Ivy, Hops, Agrimony, Peppermint
                        and Wormwood is beneficial for colic and stones. 3 tablespoonfuls of this mixture are put
                        into 1 litre of apple wine or cider, this is brought just to the boil, taken off the hot plate
                        and infused for 3 minutes. 1 tablespoon of this liquid is taken every hour throughout the
                        day, about 8 to 9 times. Since it should be taken warm, it is kept in a thermos flask.

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