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A homoeopathic remedy is Stinging Nettle essence which can be recommended.

It is available at special chemists' and health food stores. As mentioned in the chapter "Horsetail", Horsetail sitz baths during which Horsetail tea should be drunk, help to expel gravel from the kidneys and the bladder, as well as kidney stones. Old herbals mention Crane's Bill (Germanium robertanium), Sweet Violet and Bearberry (Urva ursi) as an effective and safe remedy for kidney stones. Bearberry's high tannin content is not always well tolerated and vomiting, nausea and loss of appetite may occur. Pear leaves can be used instead.

 The yellow flowers of Agrimony which grow along paths and fields, on slopes, on edges of woodland and waste ground make an excellent tea which effectively expels gravel and stones from the kidneys, as well as gall stones. A tea made from 20 gm. each of Birch leaves, Agrimony, Rest -harrow and Shepherd's Purse is most beneficial.

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