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Diseases of the INTESTINES


1 level teaspoon of Calamus roots is cold -soaked overnight, warmed the next morning and strained. 1 sip of this tea is taken shortly before and after each meal — that makes 6 sips a day — more should not be taken!

 Additionally the following herb mixture is needed: 200 gm. Calendula, 100 gm. Stinging Nettle and 100 gm. Yarrow. 1 heaped teaspoon of these well-mixed herbs per cup of boiling water is used. The amount of tea needed per day is 1 ½   to 2 litres and it can be kept in a thermos flask. The patient takes a sip every quarter of an hour or every 20 minutes. This way the tea is easily digest-ed. Experience has shown that, by drinking this tea, appetite will return. In addition, 3 times a day, 1 tablespoon of Swedish Bitters is added to half a cup of this tea and half the amount is drunk half an hour before and the other half, half an hour after each meal. Should the amount of Swedish Bitters not be tolerated, 1 teaspoon instead of 1 tablespoon is used.

 Besides, Swedish Bitters as a compress is applied to the entire abdomen. A large piece of cotton wool is moistened with Swedish Bitters and thinly spread over the abdomen. Horsetail poultices ease the pain and are applied as often as possible, perhaps for 2 hours mornings and afternoons, later overnight (see General Information "Swedish Bitters and poultices").

 On October 1st, 1979, a couple, Helmut and Berta E. from Hamburg, came to my place to thank me for the help they had received from my book "Health through God's Pharmacy". Mrs. Berta E., now 53 years old, developed a very painful pelvic tumour after falling down the stairs. She underwent an operation in January 1977 and the diagnosis was: The tumor cannot be removed, because of too many growths. 7 weeks later she was discharged, her hair had fallen out and she knew she had cancer. In November 1978 she was again admitted to the same hospital for another operation and a 7 week treatment on the right side of the abdomen. During a post treatment in February 1979 a cyst the size of a child's head was found in the left side of the abdomen. In March 1979 she underwent another operation and secondary growths had already developed. For five weeks she was fed intravenously as she could not keep down any food.

 At this time her husband was told by the doctors who attended her that her condition was hopeless. Her weight had dropped from 80 to 62 kilos. Just then Mr. E. was given a copy of my book "Health through God's Pharmacy". He bought the required herbs, Calendula, Stinging Nettle and Yarrow, as well as Calamus roots and several litres of Swedish Bitters at a chemist's in Hamburg. With the permission of the hospital's doctors, Swedish Bitters as a compress was applied over the entire abdomen as described in the book, and Mrs. E. drank the herb teas and took the 6 sips of Calamus root tea.

 Within 48 hours, after continuous treatment, a hardly expected change in Mrs. E.'s condition occurred which astonished the medical personnel and all persons concerned. 10 days later on April 24th, 1979, Mrs. E. was discharged in "relatively good health", as medically quoted, for further treatment as an outpatient. She was so weak that for weeks she had to rest in bed. The treatment with the herbs and tea was continued conscientiously. Her general condition improved week by week. Her appetite returned and her weight increased gradually. Mr. Helmut E. said in a letter of August 8th, 1979 that this "miracle" could only have happened through God's blessing. Many of his friends, acquaintances and relatives have now turned to herbs. Towards the end of his letter he wrote: "My wife and I authorize explicitly the publication of 'our case', thus to give hope to people in need."

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