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The following suggestions hold good also for inflamed and deformed joints and wear and tear symptoms. They can be remedied; the pain will subside slowly, even deformations recede gradually in the course of 1 to 2 years. People who have to use crutches or canes are able to put them away in a relatively short time. 1 cup of Horsetail tea left to infuse for 1/2 minute is drunk half an hour before breakfast and 1 cup before the evening meal, as well as 4 cups of Stinging Nettle tea. Of these 4 cups, 1/2 cup is taken off to which is added 1 tablespoon of Swedish Bitters. This is done 3 times a day and sipped before and after each meal.

Wherever pain occurs, in the knee or in other joints, Swedish Bitters are applied as a compress for four hours. Do not forget to grease the skin beforehand with Calendula ointment and to powder it afterwards, so that no itching occurs. Crinkly cabbage or Cabbage leaves, heated with an iron, applied and kept warm with a piece of cloth, bring relief.

 A massage with Comfrey tincture is beneficial. For inflamed joints Horsetail poultices are used.

 Besides Cabbage leaves, the leaves of Cow–parsnip or Hogweed (Heracleum sphondylium) are recommended. This plant is found in meadows, on banks and has large umbels, greenish to light pink.

 Our granny, 93 years old, suddenly developed a painful protrusion on the right side of her left knee. Normally very agile, she had to use a cane and, even so, could hardly walk with it. I applied Swedish Bitters as a compress (4 hours) during the day and Cabbage leaves, heated with an iron, at night, for 14 days. The pain subsided somewhat, but she still had trouble walking. Then I gathered Cow-parsnip leaves, washed them and crushed them on a wooden board and applied them directly on the knee overnight. The next day, she was able to walk, only the protrusion was still noticeable. I repeated the application and next day it was gone, too. Now 94 years old, our granny still walks without a cane.

 Recommended are Horsetail sitz baths once a month; 100 gm. herbs are steeped in cold water overnight and warmed in the morning. The bath should last for 20 minutes. The bath water can be poured back over the herbs, warmed and re-used twice.

 A nun wrote: "In April I asked for your advice. I could hardly sleep at night because of pain. As recommended, I have drunk 3 cups of tea made from freshly picked Stinging Nettles to which I added 1 tablespoon of Swedish Bitters. I have to tell you with great pleasure that now, 6 months later, I have no pain in my hip and require no operation. Since I work in a home for old people, I have been able to help many an old person by using herbs."

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