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Glaucoma is not only a disorder of the eye, rather it is caused by a malfunction of the kidneys. In most cases it occurs together with rheumatic pain in the joints. 2 to 3 cups of tea made from equal parts of Stinging Nettle, Speedwell, Calendula and Horsetail with a teaspoon of Swedish Bitters added to each cup should be drunk daily. Only freshly picked herbs should be used to speed up recovery.

For cataract, Swedish Bitters are brushed across the eyelids frequently. From letters I have received I can see that this treatment is effective (for exact details see "Greater Celandine").

 For glaucoma, Horsetail sitz baths are very important, since they relieve the pressure from the eyes, caused by a malfunction of the kidneys. These baths are so beneficial that the pressure is sometimes taken off the eyes during the bath. 100 gm. dried or about 1/2 bucketful of freshly picked herbs are soaked in cold water overnight; the water has to cover the herbs. The next day this is warmed and strained and the liquid is added to the bath water which should cover the kidney region but not the heart region. During the bath hot water is added to maintain an even temperature. Without drying and wrapped into a bathrobe, one should perspire for 1 hour in a pre -warmed bed.



                                                    20 gm. Eyebright
                                                    20 gm. Valerian
                                                    10 gm. Vervain
                                                    30 gm. Elder flowers
                                                    20 gm. Camomile

 1/2 litre of white wine is brought to the boil and poured over 5 level tablespoons of these well -mixed herbs and the steam is allowed to penetrate the closed eyes.

The wine is best stored in a bottle and, in small amounts, used to prepare further steam baths.

 Cotton wool, moistened with Swedish Bitters, is applied to the closed eyes for 1 hour after lunch, to relieve the troublesome pain. — The eyes can be bathed with

Eyebright, but the infusion has to be very weak. If the trouble worsens after this treatment, the infusion was too strong. Only half a teaspoon of Eyebright per cup is infused for a short time. I recommend compresses with this weak infusion applied to the eyes. The infusion has to be prepared fresh each time and should only be used once.


One day, after church, a woman, looking very happy, came up to me and said that her eyes had been affected by glaucoma and following the advice given in my book, her complaint disappeared.

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