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AMPUTATION (“ghost pain”)

 Long after, sometimes years after, an amputation, “ghost pain” still occurs. Experiences show that Comfrey poultices (see on Comfrey “directions”) bring some easing and gradually the pain disappears.

 Onion essence which can be bought at homoeopathic chemists is also effective. It can be easily prepared. A bottle is filled up to the neck with Onions sliced into rings; 38% to 40%  rye whisky or vodka is poured over them and the bottle is left to stand in the sun or in a warm place for 10 days, then the liquid is strained and bottled. This essence is rubbed on the amputation stump.

 Of great benefit is a tea made of the roots of the Iris which are dug up in October, are thoroughly cleaned and hung up to dry. The dried roots are ground (a coffee grinder will do). One 1/2 teaspoonful of this powder is soaked in a cup of water overnight; 1 to 2 cups are sipped during the day.

 The amputation stump should be bathed in an infusion of Thyme 3 times a week (the water can be warmed and re—used twice); 1 handful of Thyme per bath is used. — Thyme and Common Club Moss pillows, applied overnight, are recommended. 100 gm. to 150 gm. of the mentioned herbs are filled into a linen bag.

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