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Bad breath is not only unpleasant for the one concerned, but also for his fellow man. First of all a medical check-up should establish the cause of it. It could be bad teeth, ulcers in the mouth, tonsillitis, secretion of the mucous membrane of the nose, not enough stomach acid or constipation. For the latter it means, first of all, to bring about a regulated digestion.

 For ulcers in the mouth gargling with warm Bedstraw tea is recommended, and for tonsillitis, with Sage tea. For secretion of the mucous membrane of the nose, Sage tea is sniffed up the nose. Often a few drops of Juniper oil in a glass of lukewarm water, sipped slowly, are effective. Chewing Dill seeds can help. If bad breath is caused by a disorder of the oral cavity, repeated gargling with 30 to 40 drops of Myrrh tincture diluted with lukewarm water is beneficial.

 Wormwood tea is an excellent remedy for a furred tongue and bad breath. The saying: "Wormwood is beneficial and never does any harm" is not true. It should be used sparingly. Thence not quite half a teaspoon of Wormwood per cup is used.

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