This Site is dedicated to the medicinal herbs used by Maria Treben , the reknowned Austrian herbalist , in her healing works .

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Scientific name: Acorus calamus
Common names: Sweet Sedge, Sweet Rush, Sweet Root, Myrtle Grass, Sweet Myrtle.


Scientific name: Taraxacum officinale
Common names: Priest's Crown, Blow-Ball and Swine's Snout
Scientific name: Viscum album
Common names: European Mistletoe and Birdlime Mistletoe
Scientific name: Urtica dioica

Diabetes is on the increase and soon will be in front of all illnesses along with cardiac infarct and cancer. Our diet of too much and the wrong type of food is often the cause of this illness, especially in children. Yes, not only adults, but many children as well suffer from a disorder of the pancreas and are diabetic. It means a restriction in the pleasures of childhood, observing a strict diet and injecting insulin twice daily...

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