This Site is dedicated to the medicinal herbs used by Maria Treben , the reknowned Austrian herbalist , in her healing works .

Entries tagged with 'erysipelas'

Scientific name: Tussilago farfara
Common names: Horsehoof, Coughwort, Bull's Foot and Foalswort
Scientific name: Veronica officinalis
Common names: Veronica, Bird's Eye, Ground-well and Common Speedwell
Scientific name: Urtica dioica

The freshly picked leaves of Coltsfoot are washed and crushed to a pulp with a wooden rolling pin and applied to the inflamed areas. A decoction can be made from the leaves. The leaves are finely cut, boiling water is poured over them and infused for a short time and the decoction, cooled, applied as a compress...

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