This Site is dedicated to the medicinal herbs used by Maria Treben , the reknowned Austrian herbalist , in her healing works .

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Scientific name: Matricaria chamomilla
Common names: German Camomile, Wild Camomile, True Camomile, Scented Mayweed.
Scientific name: Lycopodium clavatum
Common names: Vegetable Sulphur and Wolf's Claw
Scientific name: Urtica dioica
Scientific name: Thymus serpyllum

The flowers of the Camomile, Yarrow, Mullein and Thyme, picked in the sun, are put into a linen bag in their fresh state or lightly dried and this bag is applied to the aching areas. Only herbs that are picked in the sun are used, as their volatile oils are better developed. Additionally 4 cups of tea made of the mentioned herbs are sipped throughout the day...

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