This Site is dedicated to the medicinal herbs used by Maria Treben , the reknowned Austrian herbalist , in her healing works .

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Scientific name: Alchemilla vulgaris
Common names: Lion's Foot, Bear's Foot, Nine Hooks and Dew Cup
Scientific name: Salvia officinalis
Common names: Garden Sage and Common Sage
Scientific name: Capsella bursa-pastoris
Common names: Mother's Heart, Pickpurse, Pickpocket, Lady's Purse and Rattle Pouches

4 cups of Lady's Mantle tea are sipped throughout the day. 1 heaped teaspoon of herbs per cup of boiling water is infused for a short time. A bottle is filled up to the neck with finely cut Shepherd's Purse, stems, leaves and flowers, 38 % to 40% rye whisky or vodka is poured in and the bottle is left to stand in the sun or near the stove for 10 days...

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