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Scientific name: Achillea millefolium
Common names: Milfoil, Nosebleed, Soldier's Herb, Woundwort, Blood- wort and Knight's Milfoil

APPETITE, lack of (in children)

 A young mother complained that her 2 year old son suffered from a chronic lack of appetite, was tired and listless, had dark rings under the eyes and hardly ever wanted to go for a walk. This changed rapidly when, following my advice, she gave the child a Thyme bath which was prepared from 50 gm of herbs (see on Thyme “directions”; the heart region has to be outside the water)...

For this troublesome condition 10 gm. Eyebright, 10 gm. Valerian, 15 gm. Avens (Geum urbanum), 10 gm. Lilac blossoms, 15 gm. Lady's Mantle, 20 gm. Camomile and 10 gm. Rue are mixed. 15 gm. of this herb mixture are steeped in V2 litre of cold water overnight and the next morning brought to the boil, stirred, taken off the hot plate and infused for 3 minutes...


A homoeopathic remedy is Stinging Nettle essence which can be recommended.

It is available at special chemists' and health food stores. As mentioned in the chapter "Horsetail", Horsetail sitz baths during which Horsetail tea should be drunk,..

For excessive menstrual flow 1 cup of tea made of the following herbs is drunk on an empty stomach half an hour before breakfast: 25 gm. Arnica flowers, 50 gm. Valerian roots, 25 gm. Iceland Moss, 25 gm. Balm Mint, 25 gm. Yarrow and 25 gm. Sage. 1 heaped teaspoon of this mixture per cup of boiling water is used, and this is infused for 3 minutes...

4 cups of Lady's Mantle tea are sipped throughout the day. 1 heaped teaspoon of herbs per cup of boiling water is infused for a short time. A bottle is filled up to the neck with finely cut Shepherd's Purse, stems, leaves and flowers, 38 % to 40% rye whisky or vodka is poured in and the bottle is left to stand in the sun or near the stove for 10 days...

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