Indian Corn
Zea Mays
Scientific Name
Corn is cultivated in many parts of the world and in recent years has become popular in Europe.
From the husks or ears hang many soft filaments called "the silk". This is the part that has medicinal properties. It is cut off before the pollen drops from the flowers and dried quickly in the shade.
Should a reliable diuretic be needed then drink Corn Silk tea which is also an effective, harmless weight-reducer (of interest to the many overweight people in our affluent society). lf Corn Silk is stored not completely dried, it looses its diuretic qualities and becomes laxative.
For disorders of the urinary tract with formations of stones, edema, fluid in the heart, the Corn Silk tea is as effective as for nephritis, cystitis, gout and rheumatism. It can also be employed successfully in bedwetting of children or older people, as well as for renal colic. For all these disorders take one tablespoon of tea every two to three hours. 

INFUSION: ¼ litre of hot water is poured over t heaped teaspoon of Corn silk, infused for a short time, not sweetened.