Juslans regia
Scientific Name
Jupiter's Nut, Common Walnut.

The Walnut, a large tree, flowers in early spring, before the leaves appear. The leaves are gathered in June. The green, unripe fruit is gathered as long as a pin is easily inserted; the green husks are gathered before they turn brown and the nuts when ripe.

A tea of Walnut leaves cleanses the blood and is an effective remedy for intestinal disorders, as well as for constipation and lack of appetite. It is used successfully for jaundice and diabetes.
A decoction of the leaves, added to the bath water, is beneficial for scrofula, rickets, caries and swellings of the bone, as well as for festering toe and finger nails. An improvement is noted soon, if areas affected by cradle.cap, scabs and scurf are washed with a decoction of the green leaves.
Baths and washings enriched with this decoction are used for acne, festering eczema, sweaty feet and leucorrhoea ("whites"). As a mouthwash it is used for steatites, inflamed gums, throat and larynx.
A strong decoction of the leaves, added to the bath water is used for chilblains. It is also beneficial for loss of hair, when it is massaged frequently into the scalp. This decoction is also an excellent remedy for headlice. The fresh leaves are used to repel insects.

About the middle of June, the unripe nuts are picked (a pin should easily run through them) and used to prepare a delightful cordial, which cleanses stomach, liver and blood, strengthens weak stomachs and improves foul intestines. It is an excellent remedy for thick blood. 
INFUSION: ¼ lilre of boiling water is poured over t heaped teaspoon of finely cut leaves, infused for a short time.

BATH ADDITION: 100 gm. of leaves per bath; for washings, t heaped teaspoon of cut leaves per cup of boiling water (see General Information "bath"). The double amount is used for a strong decoction.

WALNUT CORDIAL: Approx. 20 unripe nuts are quartered, put into a wide necked bottle and 1 litre of rye whiskey is poured over them so that they are covered by 2to 3 finger widths. Well stoppered, the bottle is kept in the sun or in a warm place for 2 to 4 weeks. The liquid is strained and bottled. According to need - 1 teaspoonful is taken. - A very palatable drink is obtained it 2 to 3 cloves, a piece of cinnamon stick, a small piece of vanilla pod, the washed, unsprayed rind of half an orange and 500 gm. of sugar, boiled in ¼ litre of water and cooled, are added to the strained cordial.