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IMPORTANT HINT: The large quantity of tea given should be adhered to in cases of serious illness. Although seemingly large, the patient can easily cope with the amount, if a sip is taken every 15 to 20 minutes. This way one sip has been digested before the next follows. By drinking the tea appetite returns and the digestions improves. I think highly of Thyme baths, even for completely exhausted, sick people, particularly if they run a fever. The patient feels the surprisingly healthy revitalization, if not improvement. People with incurable cancer sometimes suddenly suffer from accumulation of fluid. In this case the drinking of the mentioned herb teas is stopped and, for 5 days, 5 to 6 cups of Horsetail tea are sipped throughout each day. If, after the third or fourth day the fluid retention is normal, the first tea is drunk again. Should fluid accumulate again, further applications of the Horsetail treatment are undertaken. The most important rule for all these disorders and diseases is regular medical supervision. Only a doctor can recognize the exact state of health!
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